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Geotrac Foundation

The Geotrac Foundation of Norwalk, Ohio - Grant Funding for Non-profits

The Geotrac Foundation of Norwalk, Ohio - Grant Funding for Non-profits

The Geotrac Foundation of Norwalk, Ohio - Grant Funding for Non-profitsThe Geotrac Foundation of Norwalk, Ohio - Grant Funding for Non-profits
The Geotrac Foundation funds grants that bring the world to Norwalk and Norwalk to the world.

Geotrac Foundation in Norwalk:
Expanding Horizons and Bringing the World to Norwalk, one person at a time. 

Core Values

We Believe

Globalization is inexorably moving forward and that is not going to change. 

Norwalk, Ohio, like many small towns,  rides on the tides of the global economy. Like a cork floating at the whim of the wind and current small towns across America are driven by a fear of change, a fear of things different and a mindset of listening carefully to those who talk of a poverty of opportunities when all is possible. 

In contrast, in South Asia, Indians are excited about the careers that globalization will bring to them. They plan and prepare for their future in the global economy. Young adults in China, Singapore, El Salvador and around the world embrace the new paradigm. There is a rising tide of the world’s young claiming their place in a smart, sophisticated, increasingly globalized society. We can no longer say like our parents did, “Finish your dinner, there are starving children in China.” Rather we should say, "Finish your homework there are children in China who want your job.” 

The language of the internet drives globalization and this language belongs to the young. It, and they, will fashion the economies and societies of the future. Integration with this future is more than economics. It embraces varied cultures; it treasures education and it feeds upon, and offers sustenance to free market economies. It is ever evolving, never standing still. It rewards those who recognize that it is ripe with opportunities – including the opportunity to address social ills. It punishes those who ignore it. Maybe not today or even next year but little by little, or perhaps in one fatal plunge, the left behind find their struggles exacerbated. And, of equal importance, the non-monetary personal richness to be had from participation in the new global society is denied to all who choose to linger. We here in the United States are blessed with a choice. Many around the world have little choice. 

Thus, the objective of the Geotrac Foundation is to show Christ’s love in a deliberately humble and understated way to the people of Norwalk by helping to integrate Norwalk with the future globalized society, culturally, educationally, economically, holistically. 

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 Grantees must be 501(c)3 charities and provide proof of that status. The Geotrac Foundation is more inclined to fund projects and not general operating expenses. You will be asked to fill out an application form. Interim and final reports on various aspects of the project may be required. The Foundation trustees meet twice a year (in May and October) to conduct Foundation business and to review grant applications. Generally, grant applications should be presented late in the Summer or early in the Fall. The Trustees will review applications and disburse funds by year end.  

Date to submit grant applications for October review is September 30, 2020. For Spring review the deadline is March 31, 2020.   

Download the Grant Application here.

Inquiries and applications should be addressed to: 

John Payne

The Geotrac Foundation 

257 Benedict Ave. Bldg. D 

Norwalk, OH 44857 


Email John Payne at

Partnering with the Community


About Us

How We're Helping


We are a nonprofit foundation focused on helping make the world  a better place. We are committed to bringing the arts to our community because art is vital to life. Check out this article about Jody Chaffee and her work in area schools in conjunction with the Firelands Symphony.

Deadline for Application for May Cycle


The Geotrac Board of Trustees meets again at the end of April, 2020. Please submit grant applications by March 31, 2020 The deadline for applications for our fall meeting is September 30, 2020. 

Go to "Funding Opportunities" page for application and details.



The Geotrac Foundation has been instrumental in sending many High School Juniors to Cambridge to study business and finance for a week each summer. 

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