Funding Grants in the Norwalk Area since 2005.

Geotrac Foundation

The Geotrac Foundation of Norwalk, Ohio -
Grant Funding for Non-profits

Geotrac Foundation in Norwalk Funds Grants that Bring the World to Norwalk

Overseas Mission Trips

We believe that sharing Christ in another country changes us dramatically while lives are changed in places around the world. Everyone benefits from such an educational experience!

Collaboration with an Overseas Charity

By working together with a charity overseas, a new worldview is developed in our community as our residents create relationships with citizens from other places. 

Music and Art Opportunities

Music, art, dancing, and other fine arts make us more human and compassionate. Fine arts education is a priority for the Geotrac Foundation. Geotrac Foundation in Norwalk

What Other Ideas?

Geotrac Foundation in Norwalk has funded projects that have impacted people in Burundi, England, Scotland, France, USA and more!

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Download the Grant Application

The Geotrac Foundation uses the Ohio Common Grant Form. Simply fill out the document and send it to: John Payne c/o Payne Nickles & Company 257 Benedict Avenue #D, Norwalk, Ohio 44857